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Difference between RAM and ROM in Details

Difference between RAM and ROM in Details
Difference between RAM and ROM in Details

The difference between RAM and ROM in Details:-Memory is the most essential element of a computing system because without it the computer can not perform simple tasks. The computer has two types of memory – Primary memory(RAM and ROM) and Secondary memory(hard drive, CD, etc.). Random Access Memory (RAM) is primary-volatile memory and Read-Only Memory (ROM) is primary-non-volatile memory.

1-RAM stands for Random Access Memory while ROM stands for Read-Only Memory.
2-Data stored in Random Access Memory popularly known by acronym RAM (Random Access Memory) stays 3-there until the computer is running where as ROM (Read Only Memory ) popularly known by acronym ROM is used mainly in the start-up process of a modern computer.
3-Important RAM types are 1) DRAM 2)SRAM. SDRAM, and DDR and Important ROM types are 1) EPROM 2) EEPROM, 3) PROM, and 4) Mask ROM,.
4-RAM is volatile whereas ROM is non-volatile Memory.
5-The biggest advantage of RAM is that it does not have any moving parts while the biggest advantage of Rom is that it is not lost when power is switched off.

The Difference between RAM and ROM in Details

RAM (Random Access Memory) is used to store the programs and data being used by the CPU in real-time. The data on the RAM (random access memory) can be written, read, and erased any number of times. RAM (random access memory) is a hardware part of a computer or Laptop, mobile where the data being currently used is stored. RAM is a volatile memory. Types of RAM:

  1. Static RAM (Random Access Memory), or (SRAM) which stores a bit of data using the state of a six transistor memory cell.
  2. Dynamic RAM, or (DRAM) which stores a bit data using a pair of transistors and capacitor which constitute a DRAM memory cell.

ROM (Read-Only Memory) is a type of memory where the data has been prerecorded. Data stored in ROM (Read-Only Memory) is retained even after the computer is turned off ie, non-volatile. Types of ROM:

  1. Programmable ROM (Read-Only Memory), where the data is written after the memory chip has been created. It is non-volatile.
  2. ROM is Erasable Programmable memory, where the data on this non-volatile memory chip can be erased by exposing it to high-intensity UV light.
  3. ROM is Electrically Erasable Programmable, where the data on this non-volatile memory chip can be electrically erased using field electron emission.
  4. Mask ROM(Read-Only Memory), in which the data is written during the manufacturing of the memory chips.
Difference between RAM and ROM in Details
Difference between RAM and ROM in Details

Differences between RAM and ROM

1UsageRAM (Random Access Memory) allows the computer to read data quickly to run applications.ROM (Read-Only Memory) stores all the application which is needed to boot the computer initially. It only allows for reading.
2VolatilityRAM (Random Access Memory) is volatile. So, its contents are lost when the device is powered off.ROM is non-volatile, i.e. its contents are retained even if the device is powered off
3AccessibilityInformation stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory) is easily accessed.The processor can’t directly access the information that is stored in the ROM (Read-Only Memory). In order to access ROM information first, the information is transferred into the RAM, and then it can be executed by the processor.
4Read/WriteBoth R (read) and W (write) operations can be performed over the information which is stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory) .The ROM (Read-Only Memory) memory allows the user to read the information. But, the user can’t alter the information.
5StorageRAM is used to store temporary information.ROM (Read-Only Memory) memory is used to store permanent information, which is non-erasable.
6SpeedThe access speed of RAM is faster.Its speed is slower in comparison with RAM. Therefore, ROM can’t boost up the processor speed.
7CostThe price of RAM is quite high.The price of ROM is comparatively low.
8Size of ChipPhysical size of RAM (Random Access Memory) chip is bigger than ROM chip.Physical size of ROM chip is smaller than the RAM chip of same storage capacity.
9Preservation of DataElectricity is needed in RAM (Random Access Memory) to flow and to preserve informationElectricity is not required to flow and preserving information
10StructureThe RAM (Random Access Memory) chip is in rectangle form and is inserted over the motherboard of the computer.ROM (Read-only memory) is a type of storage medium that Data stores permanently on personal computers and other electronic devices.
Difference between RAM and ROM in Details

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