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How to Use Computer keyboard Function Keys | Uses Of All Keyboard Function Keys (F1 – F12)

How to Use Computer keyboard Function Keys - Uses Of All Keyboard Function Keys (F1 - F12)
How to Use Computer keyboard Function Keys – Uses Of All Keyboard Function Keys (F1 – F12)

In today’s article, we are telling about the uses of Computer Keyboard Function Keys. The keyboard has some function keys like – F1, F2, F3, F4 ……. F12. These function keys range from F1 to F12. What are the uses of these function keys? Very few users know this. So today in this article, we are telling about this, what is the use of Keyboard Function Keys?

How to Use Computer keyboard Function Keys – Uses Of All Keyboard Function Keys (F1 – F12)

A keyboard is an Input Device of a computer and laptop. With which we input data. A variety of Keys available on a keyboard are used to input data. A simple keyboard consists of 104 Keys. Those who have their own special work. In them, there is a part of Function Keys which has 12 function keys (F1 to F12).

Both computer or laptop has become a very important device in today’s time in our life, without which no work can be done in today’s time whether it is writing studies, bank work or any other type of work which is connected to the internet. Without a computer, all these functions cannot be done. But if you use a laptop or computer, then you must know about the Keyboard Function Keys of the computer.

Uses of Keyboard Function Keys

By the way, the use of Keyboard Function Keys is different in every application and software. But I will tell you about their Main Function or Main Uses, which are used in computer Windows. Apart from this, the use of these functions is common in some software and applications, where you can use them.

F1 Function Key Uses

F1 Function Keys are mostly used to open the Help Center of a program or software. You can use this function key to open the help section of the web browser, games, etc. Also, the F1 Function Key can be used for the following tasks.

  • F1 – Open Help
  • Ctrl + F1 – Open Task Pane
  • Windows Key + F1 – Open Windows Help & Support Center

F2 Function Key Uses

The F2 Function Key is used to perform many functions. You can save a lot of time by using this function key. If you want to rename a folder or a file, it can be done directly with the help of F2. Apart from this, this key is also used to view the Print Preview of a document in MS Word. Also, F2 Key is used to edit Active Cells in MS Excel.

  • F2 – Rename Files or Folders
  • F2 – Edit Active Cell in MS Excel
  • Alt + Shift + F2 – Open Save or Save As in Microsoft MS Word
  • Ctrl + F2 – Open Print Preview in  Microsoft MS word

F3 Function Key Uses

You can activate the Window Search Menu by pressing the F3 Function Key. If you want to do some search, then pressing F3 directly opens the search menu. Text can be changed to lowercase with the help of F3 Key in MS Word. Also, the Advance Search Option of Windows can be activated.

  • F3 – Active Search Menu in Browsers and Windows 
  • Shift + F3 – Change Selected Text to Lowercase
  • Windows + F3 – Active Windows Advanced Find Box

F4 Function Key Uses

The F4 Function Key is used to activate the Address Bar in Internet Explorer and Window Explorer. But most commonly the F4 Key is used to close the Active Window and Shut Down the computer.

  • F4 – Open Address Bar in Windows Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge browser
  • Alt + F4 – Shut Down, Re-Start, Sleep
  • Alt + F4 – Close Active Window

F5 Function Key Uses

The F5 Function Key is commonly used to refresh Windows. Also used to reload the web browser’s page or document window. It is also used to refresh the content list in a folder.

  • F5 – Refresh Windows
  • F5 – Refresh Folders Content List
  • F5 – Start Slide Show in PowerPoint
  • F5 – Reload this Page in the Browsers or Document Window in Browsers
  • Ctrl + F5 – To Complete Refresh

F6 Function Key Uses

The F6 Function Key is used to activate the Address Bar (URL Bar) in the browser. Apart from this, with the help of F6 on the laptop, you can reduce the voice of the speaker.

  • F6 – Volume Down in Laptops
  • F6 – To Active Address Bar in Browser
  • Ctrl + Alt + F6 – To Open Preview Window in MS Word

F7 Function Key Uses

F7 Function Key is used to perform Spell Check and Grammar Check in MS Office. Apart from this, laptops are also used to enhance the voice of the speaker.

  • F7 – Spell & Grammar Check in Microsoft MS Office
  • F7 – Volume Up in Laptops
  • F7 – Start Caret Browsing in Firefox Browser
  • Shift + F7 – Thesaurus Check in Windows MS Office

F8 Function Key Uses

The F8 Function Key is used to perform some advanced functions in Windows. With this help, we can activate the Advance Function. By this, Windows can be started in Safe Mode. Apart from this, it is also used to access the Windows Startup Menu and Windows Recovery System.

  • F8 – Start Safe Mode
  • F8 – Access Startup Menu
  • F8 – Access Windows Recovery System

F9 Function Key Uses

The F9 Function Key is used to refresh the MS Word document. And is also used to send and receive emails in MS Outlook. Apart from this, it is also used to reduce the brightness of the screen on the laptop.

  • F9 – Refresh Word Documents
  • F9 – Reduce Screen Brightness in Laptop
  • F9 – Send & Receive Emails in the Outlook

F10 Function Key Uses

Right-Click Menu can be activated with the help of the F10 Function Key. And the Menu Bar is also highlighted in the program. Apart from this, it is also used to increase the brightness of the screen on a laptop.

  • F10 – Increase Screen Brightness in Laptops
  • F10 – Highlight Menu Bar
  • Shift + F10 – Open Right Click Menu

F11 Function Key Uses

The F11 Function Key is used to open and close the Full-Screen Mode in the browser.

  • F11 – Open or Close Full-Screen Mode

F12 Function Key Uses

With F12 Function Key, we can enable and disable Airplane Mode on the laptop. Apart from this, it is mostly used in MS Word. And you can open Developer Tool (Inspect) through this key in Chrome Browser.

  • F12 – Use for Open Developer Tool (Inspect) in Chrome Browser
  • F12 -Use for Open Save As Window in MS Word
  • Ctrl + F12 – Open Document in MS Word
  • Shift + F12 – Open Save Document in MS Word

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