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How To Register and Track PAN Card Complain Status

How To Register Track PAN Card Related Complain Status

Register and Track PAN Card Complain Status:- Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card is necessary for most financial transactions. Pan Card is mandatory for transactions such as filing income tax returns, depositing large amounts of cash, buying property etc. From January 1, 2016, the government has increased the monetary limits of certain transactions which require quoting of PAN.

As per income tax law, quoting of PAN is mandatory where the transactions exceed a specified limit.
There are chances that you must have applied for pan card and you have no information after following up for multiple times. Also, make sure you have only one pan card allotted in your name. Having multiple Pan card is against the law.

Here are 6 reasons when you can raise a complaint

1) Neither Pan card nor Number received
2) Pan card not received
3) Returned undelivered
4) Name Mismatch
5) Photo Mismatch
6) Father’s name mismatch Other


For any grievance related to an application for PAN submitted to either M/s UTITSL or M/s NSDL follow the steps to make a complaint

1. Visit Income tax sparsh India site
2. Select the nature of complaint
3. Enter receipt or coupon number
4. Choose your agency from NSDL and UTIISL
5. And other basic details
6. Submit
Once your submit you will get a Coupon No.The same can be used to track the status of your complaint.
To check the PAN Card status click Here
One can search the status of the complaint with PAN number or Coupon number.

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