Windows 10 Run Commands

A to Z Windows 10 Run Commands:- Today Microsoft Windows operating system largest use operating System in the world, the Run Command is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. It functions more or less like a single-line command-line interface. In the GNOME interface, the Run command is used to run applications via terminal commands. It can be accessed by pressing Alt+F2. KDE has a similar functionality called KRunner. It is accessible via the same key binds. In the BASIC programming language, RUN is used to start program execution from direct mode, or to start an overlay program from a loader program.

A to Z Windows 10 Run Commands

A to Z Windows 10 Run Commands – Accessing the Run command

Starting with Windows 95, the Run command is accessible through the Start menu and also through the shortcut key ⊞ Win+R. Although the Run command is still present in Windows Vista and later, it no longer appears directly on the Start menu by default, in favor of the new search box and a shortcut to the Run command in the Accessories sub-menu.
The Run command is launched in GNOME and KDE desktop environment by holding Alt+F2.

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Uses include bringing up webpages; for example, if a user were to bring up the Run command and type in as, the user’s default Web Browser would open that page. This allows user to not only launch HTTP protocol, but also all registered URI schemes in OS and applications associated with them, like mail to and file.In GNOME and KDE, the Run command acts as a location where applications and commands can be executed.

A to Z Windows 10 Run Commands Table

CommandsRun Commands Description
%temp%This command used for temp file cleaning and increase the computer speed
ac3filter.cplOpens AC3 Filter (If Installed)
access.cplMicrosoft Access (if installed)
access.cplvAccessibility Controls
accwizAccessibility Wizard
acrodistAdobe Acrobat (if installed)
acrodistAdobe Designer (if installed)
acrodistAdobe Distiller (if installed)
appwiz.cplAdd/Remove Programs
certmgr.mscCertificate Manager
charmapCharacter Map
chkdskCheck Disk Utility
ciadv.mscIndexing Service
cleanmgrDisk Cleanup Utility
cliconfgSQL Client Configuration
clipbrdClipboard Viewer
cmdCommand Prompt
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
controlControl Panel
control admintoolsAdminstrative Tools
control colorDisplay Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected)
control desktopDisplay Properties
control foldersFolder Properties
control fontsFonts
control keyboardKeyboard Properties
control netconnectionsNetwork Connection
control printersPrinters and Faxes
control schedtasksScheduled Tasks
dcomcnfgComponent Services
ddeshareDDE Shares
desk.cplDisplay Properties
devmgmt.mscDevice Manage
dfrg.mscDisk Defragment
dialerPhone Dialer
directx.cplDirect X Control Panel (If Installed)
diskmgmt.mscDisk Management
diskpartDisk Partition Manager
drwtsn32Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility
dxdiagDirect X Troubleshooter
eudcediPrivate Character Editor
eventvwr.mscEvent Viewer
excelMicrosoft Excel (if installed)
explorerWindows Explorer
firefoxFirefox (if Installed)
firewall.cplWindows Firewall
fontsFonts Folder
freecellGFree Cell Card Game
frontpgMicrosoft Frontpage (if installed)
fsmgmt.mscShared Folders
fsquirtBluetooth Transfer Wizard
gpedit.mscGroup Policy Editor(XP Prof)
hdwwiz.cplAdd Hardware Wizard
helpctrHelp and Support
icwconn1Internet Connection Wizard
iexploreInternet Explorer
iexpressIexpress Wizard
ImagereadyAdobe ImageReady (if installed)
inetcpl.cplInternet Properties
inetwizIP Configuration (Display Connection Configuration)
intl.cplRegional Settings
ipconfig /displaydnsIP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents)
ipconfig /flushdnsIP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)
ipconfig /registerdnsIP Configuration (Refreshes DHCP & Re-Registers DNS)
ipconfig /releaseIP Configuration (Release All Connections)
ipconfig /renewIP Configuration (Renew All Connections)
ipconfig /setclassidIP Configuration (Modifies DHCP Class ID)
ipconfig/showclassidIP Configuration (Display DHCP Class ID)
javawsJava Control Panel (If Installed)
joy.cplGame Controllers
jpicpl32.cplJava Control Panel (If Installed)
logoffLogs You Out Of Windows
lusrmgr.mscLocal Users and Groups
magnifyWindows Magnifier
main.cplMouse Properties
main.cplMouse Properties
migwizFiles and Settings Transfer Tool
mmsys.cplSounds and Audio
mobsyncMicrosoft Syncronization Tool
moviemkMicrosoft Movie Maker
mrtMalicious Software Removal Tool
msconfigSystem Configuration Utility
msheartsHearts Card Game
msimnOutlook Express
msinfo32System Information
msmsgsWindows Messenger
mspaintMicrosoft Paint
mstscRemote Desktop
ncpa.cplNetwork Connection
neroNero (if installed)
netsetup.cplNetwork Setup Wizard
notepadOpen Notepad
ntbackupWindows Backup Utility (if installed)
ntbackupWindows Backup Utility (if installed)
ntmsmgr.mscRemovable Storage
ntmsoprq.mscRemovable Storage Operator Requests
nusrmgr.cplUser Account Management
nvtuicpl.cplNview Desktop Manager(if Installed)
odbccp32.cplODBC Data Source Administrator
oskOn Screen Keyboard
packagerObject Packager
password.cplPassword Properties
perfmonPerformance Monitor
perfmon.mscPerformance Monitor
photoshopAdobe Photoshop (if installed)
pinballPinball Game
powercfg.cplPower Configuration
powerpntMicrosoft Powerpoint (if installed)
prefetchDelete Prefetch files in the computer
printersPrinters Folder
QuickTime.cplQuicktime (If Installed)
quicktimeplayerQuicktime Player (if installed)
rasphoneRemote Access Phonebook
realplayReal Player (if installed)
regeditRegistry Editor
regedit32Registry Editor
rsop.mscResultant Set of Policy (XP Prof)
secpol.mscLocal Security Settings
sfc /cachesize=xSystem File Checker Utility (Set Cache Size to size x)
sfc /purgecacheSystem File Checker Utility (Purge File Cache)
sfc /revertSystem File Checker Utility (Return to Default Setting)
sfc /scanbootSystem File Checker Utility (Scan On Every Boot)
sfc /scannowSystem File Checker Utility (Scan Immediately)
sfc /scanonceSystem File Checker Utility (Scan Once At Next Boot)
shutdownShuts Down Windows
sigverifFile Signature Verification Tool
spiderSystem Configuration Editor
sticpl.cplScanners and Cameras
sysdm.cplSystem Properties
syseditSystem Configuration Editor
syskeyWindows System Security Tool
taskmgrTask Manager
tcptestTCP Tester
telephon.cplPhone and Modem Options
telnetTelnet Client
timedate.cplDate and Time Properties
tweakuiTweak UI (if installed)
utilmanUtility Manager
verifierDriver Verifier Utility
wabWindows Address Book
wabmigWindows Address Book Import Utility
wabmigWindows Address Book Import Utility
wiaacmgrWindows Picture Import Wizard (This Command Need camera connected)
winchatMicrosoft Chat
winmineMinesweeper Game
winverWindows Version (to show which version of windows)
winwordMicrosoft Word (if installed)
wmimgmt.mscWindows Management Infrastructure
wmplayerWindows Media Player
wscui.cplSecurity Center
wuaucpl.cplAutomatic Updates
wupdmgrWindows Update Launches
 %temp% This command used for temp file cleaning and increase the computer speed
A to Z Windows 10 Run Commands

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